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Dentistry is now one step closer to eradicating the dreaded dental needle. With the introduction of Australia’s first needle free injection system, Injex, needle phobics, you needn’t worry any longer.

INJEX is a new needle-free injection system with broad applications including in dentistry and medicine. (It is now used by diabetics as an alternative way to deliver Insulin.) Its use is less painful because the skin is penetrated by an extremely fine jet of medication. This is a tremendous help to patients who are uncomfortable or fear the use of traditional needles.A shorter duration of soft tissue numbness is a positive side effect.


  • NO NEEDLE (the biggest advantage of all!)
  • Tooth is ready to start treatment within a minute, no waiting around
  • Numbness wears off a lot faster than with a needle so you can eat after your appointment earlier!
  • Numbness is only around the particular tooth/teeth requiring treatment, not the whole side of your jaw


  • Pressure and pop from the anesthetic going in, like being ‘flicked’ on your gum
  • As the numbness doesn’t last as long, may need a top up for lengthy procedures
  • Area of anesthetic insertion may be sore for longer than with a needle
  • Not able to be used for all procedures on all teeth

We have been trialling this for several months now and have received very positive feedback. We have now introduced Injex into both of our clinics, be sure to ask for it the next time you need some work done.