Dead Black Teeth


Dear Jeff,

I am a 27 year old guy who has lived with two dead black teeth for too long. It is embarrassing and I find I always cover my mouth and don’t smile. The two teeth in question are my two front teeth. Can you help, with information and recommended type of procedure to undergo, I’d just like to have white teeth again. And if it is possible can you give me an estimate on how much the procedures would cost. Thanks for your help.

– Jamie T. Sunnybank Hills


It is impossible to give out quotes on dental treatment via email. You are at liberty to query costs from any dental practice you speak with. You must keep in mind that quotes made over the phone without a clinical examination are only estimates. Your mouth is unique and so is the treatment provided for it.

Individual x-rays of the teeth involved will be necessary to determine a long-term prognosis. “Dead, Black teeth~ are susceptible to on-going infection/deterioration and fracture. A treatment recommendation may involve full porcelain crowns (caps). This treatment provides an increase in strength plus an aesthetic resolution. Alternative treatments may involve porcelain veneers or composite resin.

If there is disease activity occurring at these teeth, treatment may involve an initial step of a Root Canal Treatment. There is a potential that extractions are required. Replacement of the teeth can be treated with fixed implants, fixed bridgework or a removal denture.